Developing Childrens’ Creative Writing

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writingThis is a collection of web links concerning the development of creative writing in children – brought together to assist teachers in the classroom.

Creative Writing

Pie Corbett of Igniting Writing offers a range of free resources.

Story Starters – Creative writing prompts, from Scholastic.

The Literacy Shed – Story starters, use these to inspire children’s writing.

Story starters for kids – Allow time to let the children choose their own title, which may inspire better stories.

Story Starters – From Young Writers Workshop.

TES Improving Children’s Writing –  TES resources to improve writing.

– A really useful document for improving children’s writing developed by the Birmingham Grid for Learning.

Creative Writing Now – Tips for teachers.

How to Make a Mini Book – Mini books are a huge inspiration for children, they will happily write their own book on any topic under the sun and if they think it is a book that someone will read, they will have more purpose and audience.

Poetry writing

Poetry Lessons for Kids – By Ken Nesbitt.

Theme Poems


Writing Poetry – From Teaching Ideas.

Foundation and Pre-school

Making Books with Children

 – The Gateway to Writing resources highlight the importance of the four interdependent strands of language development, and the crucial role of practitioners in supporting children’s development and learning.  The materials include examples of effective practice and writing samples that show clear progression in children’s developing skills.

Developing children’s creative writing