Designing at Key Stage Two

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STEMI have put together some links below which you might find useful for teaching design at Key Stage Two:

The National Stem Centre Website offers some interesting and fun design activities, 16 in total, with lesson plans and guides downloadable from the site.

The topics they give lesson plans for are:

  • How Cool Is Your Drink?
  • Will Your Party Hat Be Funny or Fantastic?
  • What Music Would You Like to Make?
  • What Display Will Your Class Share?
  • What Shape Should Your Pastry Be?
  • How Will You Store Your Favourite Things?
  • Does This Game Stop You from Being Bored?
  • Will This Story Surprise You?
  • How Do You Take Your Tea?
  • How Could a Carrier Make the Job Easier?
  • How Fast Should Your Buggy Be?
  • How Will Your Beast Open Its Mouth?
  • How Should Your Puppets Tell Their Story?
  • Should Your Creature Be Fierce or Friendly?
  • What Sort of Light Will Work for You?
  • What Would the Scissors Say on Screen?


Designing at Key Stage TwoDesigning Shoes. There is a wonderful set of resources about designing shoes shared by The Northern Grid for Learning based around this shoe designer simulation.

Shoe Designer – become an expert shoes designer
 Resources. There are currently 20 Design and Technology teaching resources on the Teachable site which are quality-checked and ready to download. These are for KS2 and include shelters, slippers and biscuits. These give help and guidance to cover the QCA example projects.

Primary Resources. Primary Resources has a whole section of teacher created resources for Design and Technology, again these are often aligned to the QCA projects.

Design and Technology. The Design and Technology Site  contains numerous information sheets and exercises to enhance the study, understanding and teaching of D&T, also access to the World Association of D&T teachers which may be useful for some people. The structures section is wonderful with step by step instructions for making bridges etc, it is great for inexperienced teachers. It goes well beyond KS2 but has plenty for KS2 to make! There is all sorts at this site, it is worth a look if only for inspiration!