Data logging

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Data logging as an area of ICT that primary schools often seek our advice and expertise. For the data logger itself the LogIT is still very popular in Oxfordshire primary schools. It’s simple and portable although the batteries are difficult to access and change. You can buy it from Commotion, TAG Learning and RM with prices from around £165. The software that comes with it is adequate and you can get ideas on how to use it via the LogIT World website which has lots of worksheets and resources for teachers.

A new alternative, is the EasySense Vision from Data Harvest which has the advantage of not needing a computer to inspect your results as it has a built in display. It is more expensive – £299 – but was a BETT award winner for 2011. A full review is available via the following link.

For data logging software, Insight iLog Junior from Logotron looks interesting. This software incorporates an extensive library of sample files:

  • 24 set-up files – complete with onscreen instructions – allowing pupils to get started with experiments quickly.
  • 20 sample data files – useful for practice in using the analysis tools and interpreting data.  Example topics include: Temperature Control, Speed and Timing, Colour and Light Reflection, Sound Absorption and more.
  • 16 cartoon movie files – fun activities for learning to use sensors and to understand graphs.

There is also the Sense of … series from CSM digital which offers an innovative approach to teaching data logging. A full review is available via the following link. With all software, 123ICT recommends asking for a trial and so that you can evaluate whether the software fits your needs.