Cyberwise – No Grownup Left Behind … review

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The Cyberwise opening screenCyberwise – No Grownup Left Behind … provides a set of video guides for parents and young people which are designed to help pupils achieve digital citizenship. There are free downloadable cyber guides, a blog and links to articles on the theme of e-safety. Schools can also book training sessions via the website.

Follow this link to see Why You Should Be CyberWise

From their website:

“Core Principles of Media Literacy Education”

The purpose of media literacy education is to help individuals of all ages develop the habits of inquiry and skills of expression that they need to be critical thinkers, effective communicators and active citizens in today’s world.

Today we communicate through a powerful combination of words, images and sounds. Therefore, being media literate requires a new set of skills that allow us not only to comprehend, but also to create and distribute information across all mediums.

At CyberWise we believe that the first step to media literacy is Digital Citizenship. Just like Driver’s Education prepares young people to get behind the wheel of a car, Digital Citizenship prepares them to navigate the Information Superhighway safely and confidently.

Our goal is to help you prepare young people to become wise users of the powerful technologies that are transforming education. Visit our CyberGuides section to download free resources to get you started!”