Cyber Street – e-safety for all ages

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Cyber Street - e-safety for all agesCyber Street  – e-safety for all ages, is a new e-safety website which is great for older pupils and also to send home for parents. It is for all, not just children, and gives advice on the following issues:

  • Making strong secure passwords in easy language;
  • Which sorts of passwords not to make;
  • How to store passwords safely;
  • Keeping one’s identity safe;
  • Safe online banking;
  • Avoiding phishing;
  • Avoiding viruses;
  • Keeping phones healthy;
  • Identifying insecure websites;
  • And lots more!

Cyber Street - e-safety for all ages

The site also has a massive library of help documents for all ages. This is probably a better family e-safety site than school one, but certainly worth sending home in your next e-safety message.