Creatubbles – Childrens’ Creativity Community

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CreatubblesCreatubbles is a creative art website for pupils to share their work. Teachers sign up and create students accounts for their pupils; then, the pupils can create and share artwork via the site.

“Love making awesome art?
Then upload it here and share it with the world. You’ll be able to connect with other young artists from lots of different countries and give and receive feedback on creations.” (Creatubbles Website)

Motivate and excite children about making art then, connect with other children all around the world to add comments. Showcase the pupil’s artwork to family and friends and invite comments – Creatubbles is a great tool for fostering home / school links.


Guidance Videos

There are several helpful videos at Creatubbles aiding teachers to: set up  accounts, upload the children’s work and make comments, etc.



There is lots of helpful information at: The Official Blog.

More Information

The founders of the website tell their story and give lots more information about what should and should not be shared on their About Us Page. It is worth visiting and reading that before starting to upload.