Create a Padlet Wall for your Classroom

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padletPadlet is an electronic post-it board. It is a brilliant tool to: brainstorm ideas, evaluate learning, check knowledge and more. It can be used in a wide variety of ways from making an electronic birthday greeting, to creating a get well soon wall where pupils post messages to someone who is not in school for some reason. It could also be used to arrange whole class activities, or for group collaborative work.

See this video for an overview of how it works:

Here is a Padlet, which I have started, where anyone can add their ideas of how to use it!

As it runs in the mobile versions of browsers, Padlet can be used on iPads and android devices. In fact, it can be used on almost every device, so it does not matter what learners are using, they can all use their own devices regardless of operating system. Padlet can be embedded into may blogs so that pupils can add to it any time and it can be used on an interactive whiteboard, so that as students add their notes with their mobile devices, others can see it.


All in all this is a very useful resource, this picture below (click on it to see enlargement) shows what one group of students think about using quizzes for assessment:

Create a Padlet wall for your classroom