Crazy Talk App for iPad

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Crazy TalkRealusion’s Crazy Talk is a very popular facial animation tool that can be used to animate facial images.  

Pupils can take a picture of a person or animal and manipulate the image. Animation can be added in the form of lip-synched mouth movements and head movements. Imagine making a historical figure come alive as part of your history or literacy project by literally putting words in their mouth!

The software is expensive but a free Crazy Talk app for the iPad has just been realised. The app has two different avatars, a Crazy Talk man and a Crazy Talk cat. Both of these can be used to make a 30 seconds animation completely free. It uses groundbreaking Auto Motion technology which means that the avatar responds to your voice.

The animation can be uploaded to You Tube, Facebook or sent by e-mail for a teacher to share on a whiteboard.

For an upgrade at £0.69 it is also possible to animate the character in many more ways. The tilt and the shake of the ipad make the character animated, animation settings can be added and the voice can be morphed…

This video has been animated by a moving finger and the voice has been morphed to a duck – probably not the best choice 😉