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CoSpacesCoSpaces is a free online platform that anyone can use to build a 3D environment and then experience it in virtual reality.

CoSpaces has a whole library of objects and characters, which can be used to create a scene. Users can build their own and even better, there are several scenes already built which you could use to show children as a starter to creative writing projects.

It only takes seconds to create a very simple scene:


I chose a background and dragged a few items on to the page – but instantly it could be used to start a story, using such questions as: What is in the chest? Is something behind the wall? why is the girl skate boarding in the snow? etc.

If schools have got some Google Cardboard and phones to use with them then it is possible to explore the 3D environment in virtual reality.


Chocolate World is one of the existing ones, there is also Hansel and Grettle, with voice added, and lots more the explore.

Anyone that has an idea about how to use Javascript coding can also make scripts for things to happen but that may be beyond many teachers.

CoSpaces for Educators

Tell stories in 3D, build your own objects from geometrical shapes or create a whole fantasy world – CoSpaces offers so many ways to express your creativity.”(CoSpaces)

Creative immersive virtual reality experiences for your class! The scenes that are there at the start can be used to start storytelling before you even adopt your own space.

One way that it may be beneficial for schools is in building virtual exhibitions to share their work with the world.

If anyone has children interested in building in Minecraft, they will love building here!