Conflict Around the World and Refugees

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camp-syrian-refugeesConflict and the plight of refugees is constantly in the news these days and it is important for learners to start to understand what is happening in the World.

The UN Refugee Agency – has some games to help children understand what being a refugee is all about. There is also a page of teacher resources which will help to introduce the topic.

The Refugee Council – shares some children’s stories about their lives as refugees in England.

Oxfam have created a teacher resource to teach all about conflict around the world. It is called Making Sense of World Conflicts and contains a set of lesson plans for older children.

“Teach about war and conflict using this free resource for teachers. Drawing on vast amounts of source material, case studies, and country information, this resource helps investigate the complex subject of conflict, and builds strength in enquiry, discussion skills, high level reasoning and creative thinking.

Lessons look at key issues in today’s world including:

  • conflicts currently taking place
  • the connections between conflict and poverty
  • how the arms trade works
  • when is conflict a war”

Primary Facts – offers a page entitled ‘Falklands War: Facts and Information’ which may help children to start to understand the events that start a war.

The BBC World Service has a page entitled ‘Children of Conflict’. This page is pretty horrifying but contains many facts which teachers may wish to introduce to the classes such as how many children are child soldiers or how many are head of the household!

children of conflict

UNICEF – has a page about their work with children in places of conflict, from a report written in 2005.

BBC Bitesize – KS2 Geography – Living as a Refugee – a short (4:59 min) video from BBC Bitesize where two young refugees talk about their experience of moving to England. They talk about how they overcame the boundaries, such as language, and how a ‘buddy’ scheme at school helped them to fit in and make friends quickly.