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comics-headComicsHead is an easy to use comic creator and a self-publishing tool for young children and students.  Children can  create their own comics, storyboards, photo comics and class projects! All it takes is an idea and children can instantly create visually engaging comic strips to share their ideas.

It can also be used by teachers as an engaging classroom tool to make learning fun! Comics Head offers a wide array of themed art with incredible animation and loads of templates to start story-building with.“(ComicHead)



Comics Head comes as an app for the iPad but the version I used was the old desktop version which is still available. The app is certified for educational use.


Children can use their own drawings, or those from the library, and add their voices to make recordings of field trips, project work or make up their own digital stories. Comics Head Lite is a free version, there is a paid for version but what it offers extra, it barely seems worth worrying about:

Customise your own text styles by applying a drop cap, adding a shadow, outline or color. Now you can edit the length, size and direction of your speech bubble tail. Shadows for images & speech bubbles available now!”(ComicsHead)

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