Colour Mixing

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Colour MixingColour Mixing is child’s play! They play with and mix colours from a very early age but there does come a point where it is useful to actually teach them how to mix colour with the intention of making a real colour and  beginning to recognise the important of colour in art works.

Here are a set of resources, including colour mixing activities that are suitable for the very young, through to resources suitable for KS2.


Simple Colour Mixing for Children. This video provides quite a nice demonstration that could be used in the classroom to introduce the theme, it is simple and effective. I can imagine a teacher stopping it and asking for thoughts about what is going to happen between mixing.

The Art School video below is mixing three colours suitable for slightly older children who have mastered combining two colours, it revises the same colours covered in the first one but adds to it.

Colour Mixing Linked to Artists  is a free unit shared by the TES. It comprises of a set of 13 downloadable resources that have lots of very positive reviews. It includes year 1 – 6 lesson plans but is particularly useful for KS2 looking at colour missing in relation to Mondrian, Kandinsky, Picasso , Van Gogh and Paul Klee.

Colour Mixing

CBBC Colour Factory Game – This is a good colour mixing experience, it allows children to mix tertiary colours without getting messy, a good introduction to the concept!

Colour Mixing

Activity Village – This site has Colour mixing activities for the little ones in EYFS.

Teaching Ideas – Here are some colour ideas suitable for KS1.

Learning 4 Kids – This site introduces colour mixing with coloured ice experiments, nice but needs pre-planning!

Colour Mixing