Code Kingdoms Teaches Code through Gaming

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Code Kingdoms teach code through a gameCode Kingdoms  teaches code through gaming! The application is designed to help children to learn how to code by teaching JavaScript, little by little, through gaming. The company aims to teach children aged between six and 13 the basics of computer science and programming through the JavaScript they encounter and use in the games they build and  uses their own levels in order to progress. The application is available online on desktop and mobile apps.

The site is split into two parts: Play mode, where children solve coding puzzles, and Create mode, where children can collaborate and share.
Play mode is guided and great for introducing children to basic JavaScript commands, JSP hosting, whilst Create mode allows them to build their own levels, incorporating increasingly complex coding skills.

Code Kingdoms teach code through a game

During his time as a teacher, one of the developers, Targett, noticed that “Children lacked knowledge about computational thinking”. He describes Code Kingdoms as: “Like Minecraft, but you code the world”.
The second developer, Collins, described Code Kingdoms as “a solution to the lack of fun educational games available to children that teach programming.” He also said “It allows kids to design their own worlds, which includes programming animals, for friends.”

Code Kingdoms teach code through a game

There is also a downloadable teacher pack to help a teacher to get to grips with it and introduce it to their class and a set of lesson plans to introduce it.