Cleaning up YouTube for the Classroom

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Teachers often want to use YouTube videos in the classroom but are worried about inappropriate comments and adverts. There are a few sites that make it easier for you. These sites show YouTube videos but they are cleaned up and do not show adverts that display (or link to) undesirable content.

YouTube XL  is a YouTube service that enables the watching of videos on a large screen without ads and comments. You can search videos and filter your videos using the settings and create your own playlist for a lesson. This is perfect for school use:

XL you tube

ViewPure is another tool which enables you to watch videos safely. Simply drag the View Purify button into your bookmarks toolbar or add it to your favourites  in IE. Next time you see a video you want to purify, click the button when on the YouTube page. It instantly cleans the page of adverts and comments:

SafeShareTV can be used to watch YouTube videos without viewing the ads, links, comments and the related videos around it. Go to SafeShareTV, copy & paste in the link of the video you want to watch. It gives you a new link to view your video on a separate screen. Video scan still be viewed full-screen by right clicking on it:


CleanVideoSearch is great to use in school. It enables teachers to search YouTube videos without viewing the comments, ads and the sidebar. It also allows teachers to choose how many videos that they would like to see on each page:

Clean Search video picture

Finally, is a small program that you can download and use to clear away all the distractive features around the videos and search YouTube without seeing anything other than search results.