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classroomfreebiesheaderClassroom Freebies is a website that is run by PEN (Preston Education Network) for teachers.  These are teacher made resources shared with teachers. It is based in the US so aligned to the Common Core, but closely mirrors our National Curriculum in most aspects except maybe history. Every day new classroom freebies are shared, you can be notified by email of new resources if you want to be.

There are literally THOUSANDS of freebies right at your fingertips!  Feel free to click on some of the choices below or use the Search box on the right sidebar to search for something specific.” (Classroom Freebies)

If you download something you can automatically click a link to get notifications of all of the daily freebies. If there is a librarian who wishes to download and store things this may be useful. It is certainly lovely to get new ideas!

Geometry in Art, Rotational Symmetry is the exercise which drew me to the Classroom Freebies site, this is just one of the examples of art used to teach maths!

Classroom Freebies

I also like this one for June:

Classroom Freebies

I also like the Daylight Saving Time resource for older primary school pupils, it provides good comprehension practise!

It includes a passage of text to read and comprehension questions followed, if required, by writing prompts. There are more comprehension exercises freely available.

Classroom Freebies

The resources are graded, PK – 2 (our EYFS) , grades 3 – 5 (our KS1), Grades 6-8 (our KS2), Grades 9 – 12 (our KS3). End of year freebies include: Father’s Day, Summer activities, classroom management and more.