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Chrome Music LabChrome Music Lab is a collection of interactive experiments forming a part of Google’s efforts for ‘Music In Our Schools’ month. It gives children the opportunity to experiment with all sorts of musical experiments and hopes to show how learning music can be more accessible by using technology.

Music is for everyone. So this year for ‘Music In Our Schools’ month, we wanted to make learning music a bit more accessible to everyone by using technology that’s open to everyone: the web. Chrome Music Lab is a collection of experiments that let anyone, at any age, explore how music works. They’re collaborations between musicians and coders, all built with the freely available Web Audio API. These experiments are just a start. Check out each experiment to find open-source code you can use to build your own.”(Chrome Music Lab)

The Rhythm Section helps children explore and make up many different rhythms, allowing them to start to understand time.

Chrome Music Lab

There’s an amazing Interactive Spectrogram that shows you what sounds look like; run a finger up and down to visualize the sound, or look at the shape of sounds that various instruments can make.

Chrome Music Lab

Kandinsky is an arty way of making music:

Chrome Music Lab

You are able to experiment with: chords, sound waves, arpeggios, melody writing, harmonics, string length and pitch, an oscillator demo , a spinner that records your voice and plays it at the speed you drag and more!

In addition, there is also a whole website of creations by other technical people, as the code was shared for every activity! See the Sound and Music Experiments page for lots more activities.