Christopher Columbus

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Christopher ColumbusHere is a collection of websites useful for learning about Christopher Columbus when studying Explorers or Voyages or Discovery.

The School Run – This website has a beautifully developed Christopher Columbus page with a timeline. It has lots of images in a gallery with things to look out for, all related to this famous explorer’s  life. A cartoon video has also been incorporated into this page; this would be really interesting as an introduction to the topic.  In addition, they have created quizzes and games to inspire children to learn about Columbus’ life. The site also links to a National Geographic video.

Christopher Columbus Activities – There is a set of teacher created activities on this page from Mr and the same site shares a book about Columbus which could be shared on the whiteboard:


There is a useful Christopher Columbus history video on YouTube:


BBC History – This is an archived site which has a brief biography of Christopher Columbus.

Primary History Site – Lots more about Columbus and his life discoveries at this site, which is also archived and the game that is provided helps children learn about his voyage on the Santa Maria.

Christopher Columbus

Ducksters Explorers for Kids – Columbus page  adds some fun, interesting facts.

Ten Facts about Christopher Columbus  – Can be found on this Latin American History site and shares some things we did not know about Columbus – it is a very interesting addition to the other biographies and could be great for research about the actual man rather than his explorations.

Timeline about Christopher Columbus’ Life – This is a great timeline and it also offers an embed code so that you can add it to a wiki or blog. In addition, it is accompanied by a useful quiz.

Your Dictionary – This is another, more sophisticated, timeline – it is better for older children as more details have been added.