Christopher Columbus: Explorer

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Christopher ColumbusChristopher Columbus was born in Italy and was a very famous explorer who travelled to and started the colonization of the Americas. Columbus was trying to get to China but the world was bigger than he thought so he came to America long before China!

Biography.Com – There is a whole video biography about Christopher Columbus here. There are portraits of him and pictures of the time, as well as ancient maps shown on the first video. This is a really interesting set of  videos but possibly too difficult for younger KS2 children.

Enchanted Learning – This site has information about all of his voyages and an annotated diagram of a boat of the time. There are several free worksheets available, some of which may be useful to either inspire or use.

Famed Italian explorer Christopher Columbus discovered the “New World” of the Americas on an expedition sponsored by King Ferdinand of Spain in 1492.”From Ducksters: A Biography

BBC Famous People – This page is archived and no longer updated but it is a really useful page of information about Christopher Columbus with lots of age appropriate information.

The SchoolRun – This really useful site has the top ten facts about Christopher Columbus and gives a timeline showing his life story and it has some really interesting information about his family and background. It talks about how cruel he could be and is slightly more down to earth than other sites. It also has a video, a quiz, and an interactive feast from the time, along with a few games for children to play.

Christopher Columbus