Christmas Interactive Games

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Christmas Interactive GamesChristmas interactive games introduced during  the last couple of weeks of term are a great way to start to get into the festive spirit.

Some of the games require Flashplayer.

Top Marks – This site has an excellent collection including:

  • The Gingerbread Man Game for EYFS
  • Christmas teddy numbers for EYFS
  • Decorate the Christmas Tree for KS1
  • Christmas Chains for KS1
  • Christmas Symmetry KS1

Math Playground offers more starburst games, one tricky but quite addictive game called ‘Sugar Sugar’ is based on logic:


JigZone Christmas Gallery – An interesting idea is to embed interactive seasonal jigsaw puzzles into a school webpage as  a homework activity, this can quite easily be done if you have any sort of learning platform or website which you can edit, this particular site from, JigZone Christmas Gallery, gives you many options, including the embed code!   You can choose how many pieces, from 6 upward, and the cut, as well as the image!

Christmas Interactive Games

Purely for fun see the Reindeer Orchestra (see top image) and play some Christmas songs.

Kawaii Christmas – This is an arcade type of strategy game.

This site has an interesting Christmas Scroll, it is informative rather than a game but does involve choosing and clicking.

Norad Santa – Of course, this site is worth watching every year! Naughty & Nice – I love the response from Santa – no need to add two names, a first name is fine!

The Northpole Academy – This site has lots of games for EYFS and KS1