Christmas Cookies – Spreadsheet Fun No 2

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angelChristmas Cookies – Spreadsheet Fun Number 2. Following on from my earlier Christmas spreadsheet post,  here is the second issue, adapted from the ‘Biscuits or Bread’ exercise which was first shared by the Oxfordshire ICT Team in their modelling book.

Christmas Cookies

Pupils may be designing special Christmas biscuits and cakes to use for a class party and then as presents in their D&T project. Why not introduce the idea of using ICT to cost the special biscuits and work out how much it would cost firstly for the party  and then to give five of their friends or family a gift? The top section is the basic biscuit recipe; the bottom section is extras that may be added.

Christmas Cookies

Costing the Biscuits

Either give pupils the downloaded spreadsheet (see the exemplar spreadsheets for biscuits or bread projects below), or ask them to open the spreadsheet software which your school uses. On the whiteboard ask for suitable headings . Develop a simple outline spreadsheet reminding pupils of the process.

  • Remind pupils that they need to set up the spreadsheet giving the columns titles and making the columns wider where necessary. The titles can be made bold by highlighting the text and selecting the bold command. Ask pupils to prepare their empty spreadsheets to make sure they have covered everything they need.
  • Once the spreadsheet is ready either give them the costings or ask them to do their own research to get prices.
  • Demonstrate how to add the Sum formula =Sum(A1:A20), an equals sign to tell the computer it is going to work out a sum, open the brackets, click on the top cell to be included in the addition, type a colon to show the range and the bottom cell in the column to be added up, close the bracket. This, if right, will look like the formula in bold above except the range of cells will be different.
  • Demonstrate how to put a multiplication formula; the contents of one cell times the contents of another cell. =A1*C1 means what is in A1 will be multiplied by what is in cell C1.
  • Remind pupils where to find the mathematical symbols on the computers they are using.
  • Pupils can now develop their spreadsheets to work out how much a batch of biscuits or bread for a school party for their class would cost.
  • Give pupils time to add images and change back ground or font colours to decorate their spreadsheet.
  • Ask pupils to take a screen shot of the spreadsheet to put into a word processing program ready to write a report.

The next step is to modify the spreadsheet by changing the data, so that it becomes a model to solve problems – modelling.

Make individual batches of biscuits or loaves as presents for each of five family members or five friends. Design each friend a separate batch to what you think they would like. Work out the cost and the materials that you need to buy for all of them.

There are kitchen items that were presented. The thing that caught people’s eyes is the sticky rice cooker. There are technique for rice sticky on how to cook it.

 spreadsheet to download