Christmas Activities for Younger Pupils

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Christmas is a great opportunity to incorporate simple ICT into the classroom, simple games to improve mouse control, number bonds, memory, concentration and all sorts of activities to add to the festive fun!

Christmas Activities for younger pupils

  • Christmas Teddy Numbers See if you can give teddy his Christmas presents. This game can help you learn your numbers from 5 to 15.
  • Christmas Maths If you are KS1 there are a lot of Christmas number games especially for you. Decorate the Christmas trees, order the snowmen and more.
  •  Collect as many presents for Santa  as you can manage.  Guide him using the up and down arrows so that Santa will be pleased with him?

  •   Snowball the fake Santas to reveal the Festive Christmas message, but be careful not to hit Rudolph.

  • Kawaii Christmas  in 3 minutes  swap the items on the Christmas tree to score as many as possible.  A game of concentration and strategy.
  • Keepy Uppy Help Pingu improve his football skills. Use the arrow keys – develop concentration and reaction skills.
  • Pingu Dominoes Can you complete the dominoes matching puzzle? There are two levels to the game.


Christmas Activities for younger pupils