Choosing a classroom projector

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In 2004 Charles Clarke pledged that “Every school in the future will have an interactive whiteboard in every classroom. Teachers will have an interactive replacement for black boards which allow them to work with pupils to surf the net, download information and develop presentations.”

He forgot to mention that an interactive whiteboard (IWB) requires a projector (!) and while IWBs are long lasting, the same cannot be said of projectors. As with teachers laptops we receive lots of requests for replacement projectors which can be daunting as there is a vast array of projectors available with all manner of specifications and associated pricing.

We always recommend that you buy a projector with at least a 3 year warranty on the lamp. This is because replacement lamps are expensive at around £170 – £250. Ensuring a projector is cleaned regularly will lengthen its life (4-5 years) but eventually the image will fade to the point that it compromises teaching and learning. The dilemma then is whether to replace the lamp or the projector … our advice is to pay slightly more and replace the projector as it gives you a 3 year rather 3 month warranty.

Our aim is always to give 123ICT schools the best advice, so feel free to contact us for our current recommendations. We will also give you an indication of the pricing we are able to secure for 123ICT schools