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ChocolateIn preparation for September, we have started posting collections of recommended website links on various cross curricular themes including chocolate. We hope you find them useful when planning and feel free to contact us if you have any particular theme requests.

Links for Chocolate as a Cross Curricular Theme:

Scheme: – this is a 67 page scheme of work with lots of information and ideas for activities.

Activity and information links:

Geography and DT

Tasting techniques


Chocolate Challenge Manifesto

Fairtrade and more

Fairtrade and Cocoa

Chocolate designs

Resources based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Chocolate reversible and irreversible changes

Spider chocolate krispies

Buying, storing, melting chocolate

Chocolate history

Chocolate Car

Chocolate Poster to print and put up around the class –

Chocolate and Fairtrade lesson plan 

So much about chocolate it is unbelievable

Oxfordshire chocolate transfer project

Chocolate Poems