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Ancient GreeceThe Children’s University of Manchester has developed an interesting site about Ancient Greece. To view the interactive element of the site, users must have enabled Flash to run on their browser. Google Chrome users will need to add the site to their exceptions by following these instructions.

Particularly useful on the site is the timelines that show: the wars, the Olympic games, the invention of the catapult, the famous leaders and philosophers etc… right up until the time of the Romans. It is useful to help set the scene!

There is also an interesting section on the language and how words were formed in hieroglyphs. There is also a sound chart alongside the symbols so children can make up words such as their own name.

The catapult game is a simple science experiment, gravity versus distance. It is an interesting science link which may be exploited at the same time as an Ancient Greece project.

I found the Ride the Chariot game simply impossible! There are definitely a few sections of this site to exploit, it has quite an interactive few pages, which children will find interesting to explore.


Ancient Greece

The site has been developed by the University of Manchester as part of their project to share information with the wider community and especially primary schools:

Project Objectives:

  • To make The University of Manchester the UK’s most accessible and welcoming research-intensive university.
  • To share the knowledge and expertise of The University of Manchester with the wider community and particularly primary schools. By the way, if you want to find your perfect welding school, go to now.