ActionAid – The Children who Saved their School

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The children who saved their school‘The children who saved their school’ is a true story shared by ActionAid. It also has a free literacy resource which can be used in primary schools to aid reading, writing, spelling and other creative activities.

Download ‘The Children who Saved their School’

The download contains the following (Reproduced from the Action Aid site):

Follow the children who saved their school on their journey from shock, to protest, to victory with videos made by the children themselves. Find these videos below and download the accompanying resources which help your pupils to:

  • Discuss why education is important and why it should be available for all
  • Write to persuade, inform and describe through letters, reports and poetry
  • Scan texts for errors to correct
  • Think about local and international problems on which they could campaign

This is a very moving story about real children. Children here will be asked to think about why children go to school and what would happen if all schools closed down. For so many of our children – who say they don’t like school because they think it is what others want to hear – this lesson should be a real eye opener and make them think a little deeper about their free education system!

The children who saved their school

Action Aid also has many more really wonderful thought provoking resource packs for use in primary school. Some of the others which can be found there are:

KS1 and KS2 Refugee Crisis Resources.Liven up your literacy lessons with gripping stories and colourful activities that show what life is like for many child refugees. Use these resources to build literacy and empathy, and to help your class to answer questions such as: ‘How is life different for child refugees?’ and, ‘if you were a refugee, what would you take?” (Action Aid)

Living in a World of WaterExperience what it’s like living in a world of water through the eyes of four remarkable children. Discover stories of heat-busting chickens, floating ambulances and wild weather, as Aasia, Prianka, Shumona and Abdullah show you how they live and learn in Bangladesh.” (Action Aid)

There is also a range of paid for resources available on the Action Aid website.