Brainstorm an Idea

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 There are many free brainstorming programs on the internet and our recommendation is

It is very straightforward and if opened on an interactive whiteboard pupils can add their own ideas or shout ideas out for the teacher to add. You could even allow confident pupils to record their own brainstorm using Bubbl-us. For example take the theme My Ideal School:

Using iPads in Special Needs Education

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The Department for Childhood Education and Early Childhood Development from Victoria, Australia has produced an excellent

 which gives essential guidelines and help to teachers wishing to use iPads in SEN teaching situations. It recommends suitable apps listed against nine key categories:

  • Organisational Apps
  • Communication and Assistive Technology Apps
  • Reading Apps
  • Writing Apps
  • Maths Apps
  • Art and Technology Apps
  • Music and Song Apps
  • Reference Apps
  • Games Apps

Each app has been given ...

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The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

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Yesterday, 50 years after the day of her accession to the throne, The Queen repeated the pledge she first made at the age of 21 “I dedicate myself anew to your service.”

Queen Elizabeth II completed 50 years on the British throne yesterday. The official three day Diamond Jubilee celebration is earmarked for 3 -5 June 2012.  The event will be celebrated throughout the country and schools are busy planning activities ...

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Ancient Egyptian Downloadable Resources

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An Egyptian picture

Teachers studying the Ancient Egyptians at any time in their curriculum may benefit from having a good look at the offerings from Paperwiz – The Egyptian Pack! Paperwiz offers completely free downloadable resources and certainly looks great.

The Egyptian artwork , posters, maps and banners are lovely. The packs are downloadable zip files, so once they ...

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Comic Strip Makers

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Writing comics is a good way to attract young reluctant writers as they are able to tell a story using ready-made cartoon characters, backgrounds, props,  thought bubbles, speech bubbles and more without having to spend much time on the drawings but lots of time on creating their story. I am going to investigate a series of comic creators to see what they offer. The first two are included here.

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