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Castle Web SitesCastles make a fascinating history study and most young children are attracted to them and enjoy learning about them. Here is a list of Castle Web Sites suitable for use in a Castles and Buildings topic, or a history project about medieval times.

Castles and the Medieval World – The Primary Homework Help site at Woodlands School has a web site called Castles and the Medieval World, it covers all aspects of castles: when they were built, why, a castle timeline, Mott and Bailey castles, parts of a castle, Castle defences, inside a castle and more. There are also photographs to help children understand much about their design.

Castles for Primary School Children – This site from the School Run is very good, it gives the top ten facts and a great castle timeline.    It also asks children if they can find features of castles from a set of photographs and pictures.

Castle Web Sites

DK’S FindOut – Provides an interactive castle and a quiz to find out how much children know about castles. As mentioned previously on this blog, teachers can sign up and create lessons out of these resources too.

Kids on the Web – This site offers a Castle Tour, an interactive picture where children can learn all about the castles featured and particularly an imaginary castle from the time of Robin Hood. It is full of interesting facts. – Provides a very useful pictorial glossary of castle terms. – At this site you can make you own coat of arms. As many people in the Middle Ages could not read or write, knights depended on pictures to show who they were. This site will offer all the parts needed for children to make their own coat of arms.

Joust Online – On this site from Tudor Britain.

Dress a Knight in Armour – This site will help children understand the armour worn in medieval times.

Virtual Tour of a Scottish Castle – Take a virtual tour of Falkland Palace  – this would be good shown on an Interactive Whiteboard.

Skipton Castle – This site provides lots of photographs and craft activities.

Finally, an entertaining little video along the lines of Horrid Histories:

A Day in the Life of a 10 Year Old in Norman Times