Captain Cook 1728-1779

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Captain CookCaptain Cook was one of the world’s most famous British explorers. This post provides information and further links about Cook and his exploits which may help with classroom projects and topics involving explorers and exploration.

Fun Fact – When Cook’s sailors encountered Maori warriors in New Zealand they were so impressed with their facial tattoos that some of them got their own tattoos on their arms, starting a craze which has never ended!

Activity Village – There is a little Captain Cook booklet available at this site – great for research! There are also lots of printable pages on this site including a map of his voyages.

Ducksters Explorers – Provides lots of information and facts.

The First Voyage of James Cook –  A YouTube video

James Cook for children – YouTube


Cybersleuth Kids – Has lots of resources based on Cook’s Life.

Fling the Teacher Captain Cook Game – From School History

Captain Cook 1728-1779

Captain Cook timeline – A great timeline full of interesting facts.

Captain Cook Resources – Mr Donn  presents a whole set of Captain Cook resources for teachers with images, videos, presentations and lesson plans.