Capacity and Water Maths

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Capacity and Water MathsLearning all about capacity can be great fun with sand and water. Set up an outside investigation area for use on lovely sunny days.

Here are some websites with maths investigations and many of these are using water or sand. Though not all are suitable, there are plenty of things for indoor days too:

NRICH – This site has 49 capacity investigations

Capacity and Water Maths

  This is a great whiteboard activity. It is a flash game so it can be embedded on a whiteboard notebook.

You have two jugs. One jug has a holds 5 litres and the other just holds 3 litres. Neither of the jugs has any markings. You have an unlimited supply of water. Can you measure exactly 4 litres using jugs?

Of course the investigation could be done with real jugs and real water but this is a simulation just in case!

 Offers a downloadable PDF collection of capacity problems to be solved.

 This site offers a downloadable water pack which contains information about the water cycle, water providers, water treatments, how to make sure drinking water is clean. There is also some use of water investigating to be done!

 Offers a Mass and Capacity downloadable Document. It is for investigations “without worksheets.” It offers an open ended investigation for each year.  I could see plenty of mass investigations but did not spot any capacity ones, despite several readings!

BBC Bitesize  Has a Jack and Jill comedy video looking at capacity, and filling buckets.

This investigation explores how much water is used in this country and in a village that does not have good access to clean water. This is suitable for upper KS2 children.

Water Jug Riddle Video on You Tube: