Calling all Key Stage Two Coders – Our Latest Competition is Here!

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Scratch CodingCalling all Key Stage Two Coders – Our Latest Competition is Here!

Don’t miss out on your chance to win a brand new Apple iPad Air 2, or a Free Pupil Workshop for your School!



Create a Digital Game Competition

As learning to code is an important part of the new Computing Curriculum , we thought that it would be good if our competition for Terms Four and Five was to create a simple digital game. This was a very popular competition last year; but, as coding had only just recently been introduced at that time, we limited the entries to only those using the excellent free programming application Scratch. This year, we have decided to expand the competition and, in addition to Scratch entries, we also welcome entries that have used other applications such as: Kodu, 2Simple2Code and Hopscotch for iPads. We feel that this competition provides an excellent opportunity for children to further their programming ability and that it will also, hopefully, ignite their digital creativity. The competition, this time, is for Key Stage Two children only and, in addition to providing a vehicle for them to create an enjoyable digital game of their own, it will also allow them to further hone their program writing and debugging skills.


iPadAir2-bThe winning school will receive a brand new Apple iPad Air 2, kindly donated by XMA Ltd.




The runner up school will receive a free 123ICT pupil workshop.

All entries will be published on our website and notification of the winners will also be sent to our schools during Term Six.

Suggested Software

The following software is suggested for this competition; however, if you have any other programming software in school and would like to use it, please let us know at and we will try our utmost to accommodate you.

scratch_logoScratch. With Scratch, the excellent free programming software, you can program your own interactive games using its easy to use drag-and-drop, block-based, language and you can also share your creations with others in the online community. To inspire you and help you to create your own game, Scratch has eight example games already built in: Guessing Game, Pacman, FishChomp and Pong, to name but a few. You may want to use one of these examples as a framework for a game; simply by changing the example’s scripts, sprites and backgrounds you could personalise the game to make it your own. Of course, If you wish, you can also create your own game without adapting any of the examples. For further inspiration, more examples of games created using Scratch can be found on the Scratch website: You could also have a look at last year’s fantastic entries on our website, 2013-14 Competitions page. Submissions should be e-mailed as attachments to

2Code2Simple 2Code. This software has been recently introduced as part of the 2Simple Purple Mash Suite. It is similar to Scratch in that it uses a 2Code drag-and-drop block-based language. Submissions to be e-mailed as attachments to

Hopscotch2Hopscotch for iPads. Hopscotch is a programming application designed for iPads. It is similar to Scratch in that it uses a drag-and-drop block-based language. Completed projects can be uploaded to the Hopscotch on-line Community and then shared. This App is free and can be downloaded from the App Store. Competition submissions are to be sent by uploading them to the Hopscotch Community. Then, a notification e-mail – detailing the projects name and author – is to be sent to

Kodu1Kodu. Kodu is an excellent free software package for learning the basics of programming and game development. Building programs with Kodu is done visually and the children can create a game with Kodu, while developing their skills in programming, logic and mathematics. Submissions to be e-mailed as attachments to

Competition Guidelines

  •  The competition is intended for Key Stage Two children, including age appropriate entries from special needs schools.Ÿ
  • Each 123ICT school is entitled to submit one entry per year group to the competition.Ÿ
  • There will be a brand new Apple iPad Air 2, kindly donated by XMA Ltd, for the first place entry and a 123ICT workshop, of the school’s choice, for the runner up.
  • As usual, judging of all entries for our competitions will be carried out by the 123ICT team, calling upon any additional expertise necessary to assist in that judgement.
  • The winning entries, along with all other submissions, will be published on our website and notification of the winners will also be sent to our schools during Term Six.
  • Entries should be submitted – as detailed above, according to the software used – to A reply email will be sent to all submitting schools to confirm receipt.
  • Closing date: no later than Thursday 21 May 2015


Further Information

Should you have any further questions regarding the competition, please e-mail them to me at the above competitions address or speak to your 123ICT Consultant who will be happy to assist you.