Building the General Knowledge of Children

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general knowledgeThe general knowledge of children can often very poor; however, just spending about ten minutes a day could improve it fairly quickly. These sorts of exercises may well be best right at the end of term, or for the first five minutes in the day. If ever there is a five minute space whilst waiting for something to happen, some of these games could be played.

Capital Toss is an educational geography game for children. The object of the game is to match countries to their capital cities. There are two modes of play: states and countries, obviously it would be best to play using countries in the UK. If you get ten correct you can choose a new type of ball throw. If you get three wrong in a row, the game is over.  This would be a great five-minute game played occasionally, as a class, on the IWB  during the term to improve this aspect of general knowledge.

general knowledge

Shared reading of news designed for children would be a great start to the day.

Science Kids has sets of fun facts, any of which could be used as whole class exercises. For example the Dogs page – just read together one day and on another day ask questions to match the facts. How many dogs are there in the world? Why are they called Man’s best friend? What is the most popular breed? etc.

Science kids also has a massive set of interactive games that can be played on a whiteboard and will give rise to discussion.

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There are also quizzes for all ages at Kids World Fun – the first of those is a general knowledge quiz.

If you know some good sites for building the general knowledge of children please do share them with us.