All about Bridges, Technology and History

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All About BridgesThis post – All about Bridges – is a set of links related to the science, technology and history of bridge building.

Easy Science for Kids – has a page all about bridges, it explains in a similar way to the above video but adds another video of bridges all around the world. It would be interesting to watch this in class and see how many of the types of bridges could be recognised.

Sciencekids – has a page of Bridge Facts which offers a little history and information on several of the world’s most important bridges.

This Wikipedia page has a set of photographs of the different kinds of bridges which will be an interesting item to look at in order to identify what children already know.

This design and technology site has an explanation of how beam bridges, arch bridges, cantilever bridges and suspension bridges are made and the forces which act on them,  showing where they achieve their strength. Although bridges are strong, through time, it needs to be inspected to identify if there are cracks. Same goes for the houses, if there are cracks, call an basement foundation repair findlay oh as soon as possible.

The Sci Show people have created a video (below): What makes Bridges so strong. This video talks about beam bridges, truss bridges, suspension bridge and explains why triangles are strong. It makes a very useful, quick introduction to bridges!

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History of Bridges – provides a simple history of bridges with more bridge facts and famous bridges!

History World – this site covers bridge history from the ancient Romans up though the centuries. Sadly it ends at 1779 with the building of Ironbridge.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel – bridge builder. This page is archived by the BBC but is still very useful. One of his most famous bridges is the Clifton Suspension Bridge

Building Big – provides a great video showing Roman stone bridges and explaining why the arch bridge does not collapse.

Kidzsearch – offers an encyclopedia for kids and shares information about Cantilever Bridges .

Ducksters – visits Ancient Rome to learn about Aqueducts and Bridges. There were over 500 miles of aqueducts around ancient Rome!

Primary Facts – has an interesting page about London Bridge.

Bridges, Tunnels, Complex Structures – Engineering for Kids

Kids Discover – provides a couple of free worksheets here but the kit is a paid for resources.

Primary Science has a short leaflet ‘Design a Bridge’ (link below). You can experiment, evaluate and feedback before designing your own!


All About Bridges