Breaking News Generator

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Breaking NewsBreaking News Generator. This is a brand new tool on the ClassTools site; it is great fun to play with and a very good way to get children engaged with news stories as well as making up their own.

All you have to do in the Breaking News Generator is fill in the boxes, find, create or modify your image, remembering to do a search for those that you are allowed to use of course, and your news page will be created in front of your eyes.

Breaking News Generator

Once it is complete, you click on Download – the image opens on a new page and you right click, choose Save As and name it. Make sure that you save it somewhere on your computer where it is easy to find later.  This is a great addition to the  Newspaper Clipping Generator, which would also work very well with it. You could get some children to make a class news headline and then get other pupils to write the story and amalgamate the two in a newspaper display board.

Breaking News Generator

The funny thing is, in my headline grabbing story above, I very carefully blended an alien into the rock on the photograph of Mars taken from Wikipedia; unfortunately, it is virtually covered by the class tools logo – a lesson for the children!