Bonfire Night Resources

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1-bonfire-night-361590Remember, Remember, the fifth of November… Bonfire night is coming up soon, so here are a few Bonfire Night resources. These are extra activities to the ones shared in previous years.


The BBC has a Bonfire Night Game where learners can test their knowledge about the events of that night! This is setting the scene in a historical context.

” Test your knowledge of the Gunpowder Plot with this interactive quiz. Answer the questions against the clock to track down the fizzing fuse. Fail and disaster is certain!!”(BBC History)


Bonfire Night Activities

Quizzes and Other Resources

The following resources are a bit of fun in the modern day, relating purely to the celebration. There are several online quizzes:

Bonfire Night Activities

PowerPoint Presentation for Bonfire Night – this is a lovely activity from Primary Resources.


Bonfire Night Safety

The site below is a new one relating to do firework and bonfire safety:

Tyne and Wear’s Fire Service  – has provided resources about firework safety. What is special about this site is that there are images of a child’s hands after being damaged by a firework. It would be good to use as part of safety lessons.