ActionAid’s Big Me Day

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Big Me Day - An e-mail from ActionAid Big Me day is coming in October! The following content, in its entirety, is from an email received this week from ActionAid. It sounds like a fun, fund raising day that some schools, or classes, may be interested in joining.

“What do your pupils want to be when they grow up?

Find out on Friday 14th October with Big Me! Our new, easy-peasy, fun-filled fundraising day with free literacy and PSHE resources.

Children simply dress up, bring £1, explore, learn and have fun.

Sign up for your free Big Me resources

Big Me Day - An e-mail from ActionAid

On Big Me day your pupils can join thousands of children across the UK and dress up as who they want to be, explore their hopes for the future, learn about children in other countries and raise money to change lives in the world’s poorest places.

Our free resources include activities, assemblies and KS1 and KS2 literacy resources that tap into the PSHE themes of relationships and living in the wider world.

£90 raised from your Big Me day could equip three classrooms for children living in poverty. Together with other UK schools you will make a lasting difference to children’s lives around the world.

Big Me day is Friday 14th October but you can take part at any time of year. Sign up today and we’ll send you everything you need at the start of September.

Join us for a day of dreaming big

If you’d like to see what your pupils think first, you can download a letter to your school council, along with a poster and a flyer.

I really hope you’ll join us for a day of dreaming big and changing lives!” (ActionAid)

Even if schools do not want to join in the Big Me day the free literacy and PHSE resource pack may be useful for other occasions.