Big Schools’ Birdwatch

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Big Schools' Birdwatch Big Schools’ Birdwatch is a simple, one hour educational activity that gets the children in your school more familiar with the birds visiting your school grounds.

The Birdwatch can be carried out any time between 5 January and 13 February 2015. Every school or group that submits their results before the 20 February will be sent a certificate and free personalised minibeast poster as a thank you for taking part.

The Big Schools’ Birdwatch works across a wide age and ability range. There’s plenty of flexibility to run it as simply as you like: as the centrepiece of cross-curricular studies, project work, or as part of work to improve your school grounds. By taking part you’ll also be providing us with data on how well some of our most familiar birds are faring, as well as helping to give nature a home at your school.

We have specially designed resources for the under fives, the 5 – 11s, and for 11 and older, all of which can be found on our resources page. The Birdwatch can also be adapted for youth groups such as Brownies and Cubs.”

For all of the available resources

Birds to look out for

How to take part

(Taken from the Big Schools’ Birdwatch Website)