Big Red Button – Safe Browsing

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BigRedButtonBig Red Button – safe browsing – is a new feature to add to internet browsers for the young. This could be shared with home and installed in school too!

For those for you in schools that use Hector’s World Safety Button, you may appreciate the safety aspect and confidence that it gives when a class of young children are browsing. (If you don’t know what Hector’s World Safety Button is, it’s a small e-safety program that had a cheerful dolphin swimming annoyingly in the corner of your screen; when you clicked the dolphin it covered the screen up, the intention being that if a pupil saw something unsavoury, they could hide whilst they got a teacher to deal with it.)

However,  Brett Laniosh (a schools support consultant) noticed that the Hector’s World Safety Button no longer runs on Windows 10. He contacted the authors who say that they have no plans to update it.
As Brett supports a couple of schools who still use the software and those schools are starting to migrate to Windows 10 he decided that he would design and write a new button. Brett also introduces these Top Leadpages Alternatives. Anyways, Brett’s button is called Big Red Button, and you can download and install it from the link below:

He has just released the button under an MIT licence, so anyone can pretty much do as they please with it. It’s been tested on Windows 7 and 10, and works fine on both of those. He has not tested Vista or 8/8.1, but it should be okay.