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Ancient GreeceThe BBC Bitesize, Ancient Greece, website has seven learner guides and four class clips related to learning about Ancient Greece.

Who were the ancient Greeks?  This webpage covers the history of Ancient Greece and has an interactive map allowing children to discover more about the famous cities of the time, including: Sparta, Athens and Olympia. Here you can discover different ancient Greek cities and find out how they were ruled.

How did the Olympic Games begin? This page covers details of the early Olympic games from an interactive picture showing ancient pot paintings. Also, there are some wonderful photographs of the remains of the Olympic stadium. Find out about women and the Olympic games!

What was it like to live in an ancient Greek family? This page tells us about family life, homes, fashion, toys and food. The interactive image provided here is of the members of the ancient Greek family so that children can learn more about the roles of the adults, the children and the slaves.

Who were the ancient Greek gods and heroes? The gods and goddesses who looked after the ancient Greeks were very important to their lives. The interactive picture on this page allows children to learn about: Hades, Aphrodite, Hera, Zeus. Athena and Poseidon. Audio clips are included which makes it really interesting.  The story of Perseus is included as a video clip, quite brilliant though also quite gruesome!

What do we know about ancient Greek culture? Theatre was important to the Ancient Greeks, so was architecture. We have a lot of historical remains to teach about their culture, particularly the beautifully patterned pots which tell so much about their lives.

The ancient Greeks at war. Ancient Greece was made up of many city states who were often fighting amongst themselves. There was a well-developed Greek Army. On this page children can learn about ancient Greek soldiers, more about Sparta and the Persian wars.

How did the ancient Greeks change the world? There are many reminders from Ancient Greece in our modern lives. Explore what remains of their culture, and learn about some of their most famous people: Archimedes, Pamphile, Alexander, Metrodora, Aeschylus and Socrates.

The Ancient Greece Class Clips cover: Discovering the work of Archimedes, The Greek Theatres, What did the Greeks do for us and Women in Ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece