Back to School e-Safety

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 Back to School e-Safety Things to DiscussAs the start of the new school year is upon us, I thought that it would be good to discuss ideas for back-to-school e-Safety, in readiness for the beginning of term.

With many children entering a new class, it is good practice to discuss these points with the pupils.  Children could be using mobile devices, laptops, desktops, tablets or any mixture of them all at any point. Therefore, it can be hard to keep track of all that is going on!

Children could be encouraged to make up their own set of rules called “Back to School E-safety” to abide by during the time in the class; they are far more likely to agree with the rules and try to keep them, if they have made them and understood the need for them in the first place.

Issues to discuss:

  • Should children only use the Internet when there is a teacher or other adult present to supervise? What could happen if children are alone on the web?
  • Is keeping their log-in name and password safe important. Why is not using another person’s details important?  What could happen if someone uses someone else’s details?
  • Keeping personal details such as their address, phone number, full name, school name private – is it necessary? What could happen if they are shared on the web?
  • Is it safe to arrange to meet someone over the Internet? Are children sure they know who they are talking to? How can children find out who they are talking to when they can’t see them and just see text messages?
  • What is cyber bullying? Has anyone in class already been cyber bullied? What did they do? If it happens what should they do? Is there a “secret message” box for children to drop a note to their teacher in secret?
  • Is it necessary to keep all e-mails, messages in forums and text messages polite, appropriate and sensible? What could be a problem with sending nasty messages, e-mail or texts?
  • What should you do if you receive a rude or offensive message on your phone or tablet? Should you pass on rude or offensive messages? What about if it seems funny?
  • What about if you see anything offensive or if you feel uncomfortable about anything? Will you tell your friend, your teacher? What is the best thing to do?
  • Remember that the school may check your computer files and monitor the Internet sites you visit, are you happy for everyone to look at what you looked at ?
  • What about photographs and videos? What is safe and sensible to post on the Internet?


For older children:

  • What is sexting? When is it right for children to take photos of themselves to pass on? Would all children be happy for their grandmas to look at all of their photos? What about if grandma’s friend showed one of you with no clothes on to her? What about if you went to get a paper round and they had seen it at the paper shop?


Hopefully these discussions should last for several PHSE sessions. However, one good discussion, with children having lots of opportunities to explore various e-safety ideas and learn from them, would be useful.  Ideally a set of class decided rules should come from these discussions.


 Back to School e-Safety Things to Discuss