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Author Charles DickensAuthor Charles Dickens, writing in Victorian London, is a great source of information about the life and times of children during that period. This collection of links has been brought together to support any classroom topic about Dickens, or the Victorian era.

Charles Dickens: Interesting Facts and Information  – Primary Facts shares loads of fact and fun facts about the life of Charles Dickens.

BBC Primary History has a page about  Charles Dickens  – This page is archived now and so not being updated but it is a very useful resource for classes learning about famous Victorians it includes biographical details, videos, games, activities and lesson plans (KS1/ KS2).

 This site provides a useful print out fact sheet as a PDF file.

Britannica Kids – Mentions some of Dickens’ better known books.

Charles Dickens: Interesting Facts for Kids  – This site shares interesting facts about Charles Dickens, it has been written for children and provides a short biography and some fun facts.

Charles Dickens: 5 Facts  – This site not only has facts about Charles Dickens but also provides some really gruesome tasks about life in Victorian London. The video on this page is good at explaining about Dickens’ job as a child!

DK’s Find Out – Provides a page of facts about Charles Dickens and a huge image of him writing.

The Christmas Carol is Dickens’ best known work by children. It has been successfully made into several cartoon versions. Many of his books are freely available on-line, so short extracts can be used in class if required.

A Christmas Carol 1971  – This is an animated film 25 minutes long, with Alastair Sim providing the voice of Scrooge.

Oliver is another Dickens’ favourite where the story of Oliver Twist was made into a musical; there are many short sections of the film available on You Tube but this “Food Glorious Food” clip may open up interesting discussions about the living conditions at the featured school.