What is Art? A Competition for Primary Schools

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toilet-webWhat is Art?  This is the name given to a competition that the organisers hope will: “Take children on a journey of philosophical enquiry, designed to explore what art means to them.”(What is Art? website).The competition is hoping to get children to think deeply about what art means to them and to broaden their thoughts about the subject.

The What is Art? webpage provides a link to a competition teaching resource that is designed to help teachers undertake the competition, with their classes. This resource include as set of discussion questions designed to really start individuals thinking about exactly what constitutes art. The resource also “Uses internationally renowned sculptor Do Ho Suh’s, Toilet, (pictured opposite) as a stimulus and includes activities for KS1 and KS2.”.(What is Art? website)

The competition entries are to respond to the question ‘What is art?’ in 10 words, starting with ‘Art is…’. The winning class or child will receive £1,000 for their school to spend on the arts. The deadline for submissions is Friday 27 March 2015.

The children’s ten word entries must be submitted on the Artis website: and may be accompanied by an image, sound file, or movie; but this is not a requirement.

It would be great to get those mobile devices in use – creating interesting media files – for this competition.

For more information see the What is Art? website.