April is poetry month … need some inspiration?

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The Haiku Poetry EngineApril is poetry month and Scholastic have gathered a whole set of poetry resources. These have been shared by teachers for other teachers to use.

Scholastic are also running a Haiku competition from now until 26th April.

The theme of the Haiku is “A perfect travel experience is…”

To find out more information and how to enter visit this competition page.

The Scholastic poetry idea engine is a real help with teaching pupils how to create a Haiku as it counts the syllables for you. The poetry engine can be played on the interactive whiteboard so that the whole class can learn together.

The poetry engine

The Poetry Engine also teaches how to create Limericks, Cinquain and free verse. It can be used by children or as a teaching tool and is especially good for introducing these new forms of poetry.

The lesson plan on how to read a poem looks especially useful as poetry is one of the hardest forms of writing to master. Children need to learn that there may be many interpretations of the words.

There is also an introduction to poetry PowerPoint activity which is great for younger pupils.

Finally, there are a lot more resources available on the website, including poets sharing ideas, reading poems and acting as models for writing.