Animal Resources

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1-header-animals-imageThe RSPCA has developed  a set of animals resources to share with teachers including lesson plans.

“Many of the lessons overlap in subject area including English, Science and Maths. There’s also some great ideas for assemblies and school councils.”  (RSPCA)

For the UK national curriculum there are more than 40 curriculum-linked lesson plans available along with relevant worksheets, fact sheets, images and more.

Animal Resources

The Donkey Sanctuary has also developed a range of educational animal resources for schools.  These resources have been developed with teachers and subject specialists to cover a range of aspects from the new 2014 Programme of Study.  To access the resources below, which are free, fill in this form

Current Donkey Sanctuary resources include:

  • Animals and their habitats scheme of learning and resources (Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2).
  • Activity and puzzle book.
  • Easter activities.
  • The Donkey Sanctuary visit guide.
  • Christmas activities.


The PDSA  also offers a set of primary classroom resources, including lesson plans.

“These lessons cover Citizenship, Maths, English, Science, Art, History and we even have a Pet Day where the whole school can get involved.” (PDSA)

Included in the PDSA primary pack are lesson plans and resources for a project called Animals and Us. Lessons can be used for Key Stages 1 and 2, teaching pupils about responsible pet care and the needs of animals. Available titles include:

  • The needs of animals
  • How do we look after animals?
  • Who else looks after animals?
  • Wild animals
  • Taking responsibility – Animal Welfare Act
  • Pet teams
  • Animal stereotypes
  • Feelings
  • Pet Education Resources