Ancient Roman History – No 1

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Ancient Roman HistoryAncient Roman history is often covered as a period of British history and is often covered during a topic on Invaders and Settlers. There is a lot of material which has been developed to cover the Roman Era, not only in Britain but around the world:

History for Kids – Roman History,Fun Facts to Learn. This site contains a lot of information, covering: Roman History around the world, Roman Science, Roman Architecture, Roman Government, Emperor Nero, Roman baths, Roman Gladiators, Roman Senate, Spartacus, Roman Families, Roman Families, Roman Pottery, Roman Food, The Fall of Rome, Roman Daily Life, Latin Literature, Roman Art, Circus Maximus, Etruscans, Roman Emperors, Roman Mythology, Romulus and Remus, The Colosseum, Roman Dishes and Food, Roman Houses, Roman Women, Roman Slaves and Roman Military.

This site is very useful; the information is presented is small, easy to read sections and it has some illustrations and quizzes at the end of each section to check understanding.

The Hamilton Trust – provides a free set of lesson plans introducing the Romans and the Roman Empire to lower KS2. This focuses firstly on the legend of the founding of Rome followed by the Roman Ruling System and finally the expansion of the Roman Empire.

Super Brainy Beans – offers a very well-illustrated site about the Ancient Romans, including links to other sites which cover specific aspects. It is easy to follow and interesting, making good use of external resources to complete the story of the Ancient Romans. There are photographs and videos to supplement the topic and a set of games to try out too! The site finishes with a quiz to test pupil knowledge. This would be a great site for homework with its video, games and quiz!

Twinkl – provides some free teaching resources on this topic if you create a free account. Lots of the free resources look like work sheets but some look really useful. It is almost certainly worth looking through them to see if there is anything there that you could use to save teacher time!

Ancient Roman History