Ancient Civilisations

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britishmuseum_blackThe British Museum Ancient Civilisations site looks at six aspects of ancient life:

  1. Technology – what tools and technologies did people of the past use?
  2. Religion, is it possible to understand the religious beliefs of the ancient civilisations?
  3. Trade, what did they trade and where?
  4. Cities, what features made a city?
  5. Buildings, what monumental buildings were created?
  6. Writing, why do people write things down?


The Ancient Civilisations picture is interactive, choosing one theme gives you a map so that learners can study where in history had interesting information to look at. There is also an Ancient Civilisations  staffroom for teachers explaining how the site is set up.

ancient civilisations1“The appearance of the cultures on the map is governed by the timeline. The timeline appears automatically the first time the user enters the Theme map. The cultures appear and disappear over time as the timeline is moved back and forth. The timeline can be opened by clicking the pocket watch icon.

The content for a particular culture within each theme is reached by clicking the culture name on the map. This links to the introduction for the main culture content. From this introduction, which connects the theme to the particular culture, the user can access the main content by clicking on the left hand link or picture.

The site also contains an A-Z of Cultures. This is accessed via the globe icon. When a culture is selected, a menu will appear which provides links to all the themed content for that culture.”(The British Museum)

This is a great site for learning about primary sources of history.