Ampville – The Electric City

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Ampville - The Electric CityAmpville – The Electric City is an interactive website which allows pupils to investigate and experiment, whilst learning about electricity. There are many different activities to be found on the site, I have listed a few of them below in order to provide a flavour of what can be found there.



  • Make a torch – a real experiment – making a torch with a battery, wires, washing up bottle and torch.
  • Test conductors and insulators – a virtual experiment, choosing various items to test online.

Safety Zone

  • Safety in the countryside – getting pupils to spot the dangerous places linked with electricity in the countryside
  • Safety in the home – looking for eight danger spots regarding electricity in the house.
  • Safety on the farm – spotting six danger points on the farm.
  • Safety in town – seeking out dangers around the town.


  • Homeward Bound  – where the player has to find his or her way home from school but encounters many hazards to either deal with or avoid om the way.
  • Lightning Dash – where the objective is to answer questions so that Bob, the cat, can get back home during a thunderstorm.

Fact files

  • How do power stations work – discovering how fuel is turned into electricity and finishes with the pros and cons of using fossil fuels.
  • The Electrical Journey – discovering how electricity travels from the power station to your home with a click to animate picture which children can explore to learn.


This is a useful, fun little site to aid learning about electricity and may be suitable for science homework or reinforcement!