Alliant Energy Kids ~ Energy Inventors

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EnergyAlliant Energy Kids is a website devoted to sharing lots of information, written for children, about energy. It lists, as inventors, people who made significant finds related to energy.

Inventors of: positive and negative charges, steam engine, methane gas, electromagnetic induction, electric waves in space and alternating current electricity are mentioned with a few of the background finds.  The inventors are named with brief information, but their finds have lead to the inventions of other things children will recognise such as loudspeakers, X-ray machines, remote controls, movie cameras, the dynamo, bifocal lenses for glasses and more! It is an interesting aspect of inventors and inventions as one find leads to a whole range of developmental possibilities. The concepts covered are fairly difficult so maybe useful only for older pupils, years 5 and 6.

Apart from the inventors though there is lots of other information for learners. Playing it safe has help on:

  • Electric safety
  • Natural Gas Safety
  • Storm Safety
  • Additional Resources

There are surveys and activity books to use at the end of the sections and the sections are broken down into very useful small articles on many different aspects of the theme.

The fun and games section gives access to a set of online games covering all aspects of energy.



The teacher’s section has lesson plans for the US 4th and 5th Grade children which is years 5 and 6 here. The lessons are linked to the US curriculum standards but they are still useful as a source of inspiration for teachers doing any topic on energy or energy safety theme.