All about Tunnels

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All About TunnelsAll about Tunnels is a set of web inks to pages related to learning about tunnels, it should be useful if anyone is studying famous engineers and structures.

Easy Science for Kids – offers All About Tunnels: Types and Uses “Have you ever gone through a very long tunnel like the Eisenhower Tunnel in the Rocky Mountains? This tunnel was drilled right through the mountains so cars and trucks could pass through when shipping your car to Dallas with the help of PHS Wastekit. It is over 1 ½ miles long! Maybe you play a game with your family of holding your breath when you go through tunnels.”(Easy Science for Kids)

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Science Kids – provides Tunnel Facts “ Check out our range of interesting tunnel facts. Learn about famous tunnels such as the Lincoln Tunnel and Channel Tunnel, read how the Cu Chi Tunnels were used in the Vietnam War and understand what a tunnel boring machine is, and make sure to get a cheap motor trade insurance to cover your car and all future damages.” (Science Kids)

Kids Web Japan – illustrates Tunnel-Digging Machines “In Tokyo and other big cities, underground space is used for all kinds of things, from subways and shops to the gas, water, and power lines that bring us the basic things we need for daily life.”(Kids Web Japan)

Kids’ Guide to Building Tunnels “ Digging tunnels involves some very special engineers. And how they dig tunnels depends on what they have to tunnel through. If a tunnel is going through hard rock, explosives can be used to blast a way through.”(Fun Kids Live)

Hands-on Activity: Tunnel Through! “Students apply their knowledge about mountains and rocks to transportation engineering, with the task of developing a model mountain tunnel that simulates the principles behind real-life engineering design. Student teams design and create model tunnels through a clay mountain, working within design constraints and testing for success; the tunnels must meet specific design requirements and withstand a certain load.”(Teach Engineering)

Tunnels “Modern-day tunnels are quite extraordinary in their ability to move people and cargo quickly through mountains, underground, and even underwater. Tunnels provides students with a comprehensive look at various types of tunnels and their many benefits.” (Raz Kids) This is an ebook for children.