Alice in Wonderland

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AliceIt is one hundred and fifty years since Alice in Wonderland was written and Macmillan Readers are celebrating by releasing 2 e-books and resources. The trailer below makes a lovely introduction to the story:

“Entering a strange land through a rabbit hole… growing bigger and smaller after eating a mushroom… and a speaking cat?”  In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice experiences many things that don’t happen in real life. Author Lewis Carroll created a Wonderland full of strange creatures and habits, and nothing is what it seems. Do you like fictional stories like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? Now is the chance to write your own fantasy story!”

Advert warning: The books are for sale, but Macmillan  share the resources freely including a lesson plan introducing the story with more to come through the year. There is a board game downloadable, playing card questions and answers and a fact file template.

Competition. They are running a story writing competition which runs until the end of August this year with an under 12s category!

Resources. Full audio, teacher’s notes and an assessment pack for these Readers are available from the Young Readers Website. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

Alice in Wonderland