Adventure ’15 – Primary Event Taking Place this November

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anadventure15An Adventure ’15 is a primary school event happening in November. It is time to sign up to what looks to be an inspiring day. Schools around the World will be paired with another to have Skype conversations between classes – to talk about their school, home, country and themselves. Schools will work together on a project, it will be free and every time zone and continent will be involved.


Adventure ’15 aims to bring thousands of learners from across the World closer together, to get to know and understand each other, to break down barriers, and to help prepare them for the evolution of the global neighbo(u)rhood.”(Adventure ’15 Website)

What the Organisers Aim for you to Achieve:

  • You will meet one or more classes of similar age from across the world using a skype video call or similar.
  • You will talk about your country, about your area, about your school and about yourselves.
  • You will work together on a global project.
  • You will create your own adventure website using a very simple tool (if you wish).
  • You will have fun!
  • You will think on a bigger scale!
  • You will know more about the world than those who do not take part.
  • The children will go home with something exciting to tell their parents!
  • Did we mention you’ll have fun?

(From the Adventure ’15 Website)

What to do Next

A complete schedule of events will be issued nearer the time –  just for the moment, hundreds of schools are joining every hour. Why not join them? This is bound to be a World-wide event that should not to be missed – a very exciting link-up and history in the making!